• Microsoft Dynamics NAV - a strong and reliable ERP. An international solution with over 120 000 implementations!
  • We have knowledge and energy to make a successful implementation, using a structured approach to you business requirements!
  • We are providing you the experience of Elian Solutions' Team! Highly trained proffesionals, ready to help you get the best of your ERP!
Elian Solutions’s team can help you to “put on wheels” your informational system needed. If you want to be sure that the system fits to your bussiness, you need a product demo. You can request a product demo right now.
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Elian Solutions implements the ERP solution called Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). What is Dynamics NAV ? It is an ERP made by Microsoft, the largest software producer in the world.

ERP means that you knows exactly the status of your inventory, your assets and liabilities, that you can predict your cash-flow, trace the production processes, cost centers and many more….that you really knows what happens with your business.

But an ERP does not implements by itself. An experienced implementing team is needed, who knows best both the product and the business requirements also. And here we come.

With an experience of over 30 implementations along 17 years of professional experience, Elian Solutions’s team can help you to “put on wheels” your informational system needed. We are totally dedicated to our work and all we want is to have succesfull implementations. And we are not pleased if you are not pleased.


How do I buy?

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)  ERP system can be bought only from a Microsoft Certified Partner. In order to find out how do you purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system Click here!

What is the cost?

The value of an investment in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) solution is made up of three parts: The value of the licenses, The value of the services, The value of the hardware and software infrastructure (in some cases). To find out details about the cost components for an ERP system, Click here!